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Programs & Services

Our Programs

The Lionel Lee Jr Center for Wellness supports BIPOC, LGBTQ and State of Emergency Transgender services. We recognize, understand and advocate for EQUITY and FAIR treatment of all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, social status, gender or gender identity. 

Female Pharmacist

Prescription assistance for people with chronic illnesses

If you have received a recent diagnosis and need assistance with obtaining medication, please contact us at:

Crossfit Trainer

Healthy choices education and awareness

Includes virtual and in-person events that focus on improving health and wellness outcomes

Covid 19 vaccine equity services

  • Access to vaccine through pop-up clinics and/or referrals

  • Access to free masks and hand sanitizer

  • Education and awareness through social media and community events

State of Emergency (SOE) Empowerment program for Black Transwomen
  • Sate of Emergency Advisors

  • {Trans}Parent Talk Show and {Trans}Parent Magazine to raise awareness to prevent violence against Black Transwomen

Referrals for physical, mental, and emotional health resources

Community partners with whom we collaborate to ensure quality, affordable healthcare to uninsured and underinsured clients


How Can We Help

Prescription Assistance

 Helping individuals with chronic illnesses access necessary medications through our assistance program. Contact us at for support.

Health Education

Virtual and in-person events promoting health and wellness, empowering individuals to improve their well-being.

Covid Vaccine Equity

Providing access to COVID-19 vaccines through pop-up clinics and referrals, along with free masks, hand sanitizer, and educational initiatives via social media and community events.

SOE Empowerment (Black Transwomen)

Empowering Black Transwomen through the State of Emergency (SOE) Empowerment program, State of Emergency Advisors, {Trans}Parent Talk Show, and {Trans}Parent Magazine to raise awareness and prevent violence.

Health Resource Referrals

Connecting individuals to physical, mental, and emotional health resources through our network of community partners, ensuring affordable healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured.

Affordable Care

Collaborating with community partners to ensure high-quality and affordable healthcare for all, addressing the diverse needs of our clients.

Around the Center

Welcome to LLC Wellness, where your visit is highly valued! To ensure we can provide you with the best experience, we kindly request that you contact us in advance via email: to schedule your visit. We are thrilled to offer a range of engaging events for your enjoyment as well.

If you're looking to explore the local area, below are a few places we recommend visiting. Our friendly team is always here to assist you. We look forward to welcoming you to LLC Wellness and providing you with an exceptional wellness journey.

7th Street Public Market

This bustling marketplace features various local vendors, including cafes and food stalls, where you can explore and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, formerly known as the Afro-American Cultural Center, is in Charlotte, North Carolina and named for Harvey Gantt, the city's first African-American mayor and the first African-American student at Clemson University.

The Green at the Mint

Located adjacent to the Mint Museum Uptown, this outdoor space offers a free public park and seating area, where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

The public library system in Charlotte, NC, provides free access to a wide range of books, e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and educational resources. Several branches throughout the city offer study spaces and computer labs.

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